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What makes Dachshund Couture so special?

  • We have newly developed a system of 9 different sizes that aims at fitting every dachshundโ€™s size and body shape.

  • We are the first to offer dachshund coats that fit their long backs and body shape without being made to measure. Our coats are ready-made, because we believe in the efficiency of our size guide.

  • Wearing comfort for your dachshund has always been our top priority. No bothering objects like sleeves or zippers. A perfect fit and lightweight materials are essential.

  • We only use highest quality fabrics from Italy and England that are normally being used for human designer clothing.

  • All of our designs are sourced and handmade in Europe.

  • We take great pride in offering you the most chic and sophisticated styles without neglecting animal welfare. Our coats make your dachshund feel warm and protected and at the same time let it stand out as the fantastic dog he or she is.

  • Taking our coats off or putting them on takes literally two seconds. We wanted to make your life easy, too.

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