Dog Carrier with fake fur

Dog Carrier with fake fur


This dog carrier bag is the ultimate comfort zone for your dog on the go. Dachshunds especially refuse to lie down on hard grounds, so with this bag you always have a practical dog bed with you wherever you go. You can carry your dog in it and it transforms with the help of adjustable leather straps from a bag into a round comfy blanket or cozy dog bed. Outside fabric is durable British waxed cotton in a beautiful purple-blue hue and inside you find fluffy fake fur. 

Model Name: Dalí

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Deutsche Post:

Within Germany (1-2 days): 4,75 €

Rest of the world (EU 3-10 days, rest of the world up to 4 weeks): 7,00 €


EU (2 - 7 days): 12 €

Worldwide (6 - 12 days): 25 €

Made in the EU

There is also a large outside pocket for treats and personal items, that is closed with two buttons. The bag comes with one detachable cross-body strap and two straps to carry it on your shoulder.

Also there is a little strap inside with a hook, that you can attach directly to the dog's collar, so that the dog cannot move too far away from the bag. 

To give you an idea of how big the bag is and how much space is on the blanket when fully opened, Carlos and Diego are two Standard Dachshunds and can lie in it comfortably, even when not entirely flat. 

Since the straps are very durable, you can carry a small dog of up to 6 to 7 kg inside the bag.

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