It seems like a common problem of dachshund owners. You want to put your dog in a coat that is long enough for its very special body shape and at the same time it should match your own personal style. What I always found when trying to buy coats for my two dachshunds, Carlos and Diego, was rather frustrating. None of the criterias from above were satisfactorily implemented. 

This was when I decided to make use of my Bachelor degree in Fashion Design. No longer should my freezing dachshunds be forced to wear coats that were rather crop tops made of cheap fabrics in odd colors during the long and cold winter in Munich in 2016.

Nevertheless, it wasn't planned that this little idea would become a proper dog clothing brand. But due to social media quickly dachshunds all over the world were clad in Dachshund Couture, a name that came naturally since everything started in an atelier, choosing finest Italian fabrics and cutting patterns for the new dog coats. Not to forget I was lucky to have the two most patient fitting models in the world. 

International dog chic - understatement and comfort the dachshund kind of way.



But as life sometimes goes, this winter will now be our second season and we have come up with many new items for our teckel friends. There will be more sizes now, since we found out that dachshund bodies are just as diverse as our own human ones. Also will there be jumpers made of Alpaka and Cashmere in beautiful hues.

It is always worth checking back every once in a while, since life with dachshunds is a continuous source of inspiration in itself and there will often be new items. What I can also guarantee you though is that you will always find the most tasteful Dachshund Couture, reflecting the admirable character of these dogs.

We can't wait to dress your dachshund! Visit our store here!


Carlos, Diego and Julia