At first mum only wanted to make those dog coats for us. It was her little project to keep us warm in winter since we went shopping for coats so many times without any success. Those coats in the pet boutiques where always too short or too big! "Where can I find a dachshund coat?“ was her question that nobody could answer and since our mum couldn’t leave us trembling as we were or wearing uncomfy and non-fitting coats, she decided to make some coats for us herself. 

She started by sourcing beautiful fabrics from Italy, that are usually used for human wear only and trying out cuts and patterns. Our mom has studied Fashion Design and so she was determined to work on our coats properly from the beginning to the final product. So we did our best to be the most patient fitting models, even though we must say that wasn’t our favorite part of the whole process. 

But in the end she came up with the perfect fit and materials. For example, we found out that zippers hurt and are too rough, buttons were to hard to close, but velcro straps seemed to be just perfect for our needs. We are in and out of our coats in no time and that is what makes all our lives easier! Also the coat feels like wearing a second skin and we are so happy our mum always made our comfort the number one priority! Plus, she decided to hold on to a chic and understatement look instead of glitter and pink bows and all that stuff…in the end us dachshunds we are beautiful hunting dogs, who want to look dapper instead of flashy. You can believe us, we were very critical fitting models and later on testers in snow and ice.

International dog chic - understatement and comfort the dachshund kind of way.


Carlos taking a close look at the production process...

Diego lending his nose for help...

The funniest part of the story is though, that from the day our coats were finished and we started walking around Munich in them, people would always come up to our mum and ask her where she got those coats from. Particularly dachshund owners of course and she would realize quickly, that there were many more 'Dackel' mum and dads that had the same problem finding a fitting coat just like our mum!

We were quite some show stoppers and people wouldn’t stop giving her business cards and phone numbers to make coats for their dogs. So she decided to try something new and sign us up for our very own Instagram account. The name for it came naturally, ‚Dachshund Couture‘ it had to be, after all those fittings and the sewing and cutting, it seemed the right thing. And then, it happened…We were real models! Mom took photos of us aaall the time and those got immediately thousands of likes and followers…and even orders from Japan, the U.S., Netherlands and so on came in, even though she had never expected to even get any kind of orders without a proper online shop or stor…but now it began to dawn our mum, that she might have hit a nerve here! 

So here we are now one winter later, with rain and winter coats in three sizes for miniature, standard and xl-standard dachshunds and we are currently working on more things like blankets, dog carriers and dog tags made of real silver. Living with two dachshunds like us seems to be an endless source of inspiration...Also there are some beautiful collars and leashes in our store, they are from the tribe of the Massaii in Kenya and we have been wearing them for years now and still love it, so mum found a Kenyan company, that had women produce them for us and that supports them and their village at the same time! Wearing a good cause? We're totally up for it!

 You can see there is so much coming up, so please always come back to check out what we are up to and don't forget to sign up for our mailing list! 

We can't wait to be sending out our coats to you fellow dachshunds,

Carlos, Diego and Julia